N.A.S.A (DK)

N.A.S.A (DK)

N.A.S.A. - Denmark

Further Progression Records


Progressive Psytrance &  Deep Psytrance Music

N.A.S.A. the one man electronic music producer and performer from Copenhagen, Denmark has been in the music game perfecting his skills for almost 20 years now. Starting back in 1994 he launched his career producing psychedelic electronic based music.

Being a long time member of the Danish music scene Mikkel Leonhardt Rasmussen  aka N.A.S.A. began his career through an introduction into Goa Trance forming a duo project called Gnome Effect and expanding his solo career into the launch of N.A.S.A. 

His career has flourished to performing at festivals and clubs around the world. He has since released an array of compilations and single releases over his vast career, including 1 solo album in 2009 on IONO Music.

Over the years he has performed at some of the biggest and best clubs, venues and festivals all over his home country plus in countries like Portugal, Italy, Greece, Russia, Tunesia, Germany, Switzerland, Israel, Canada, Hungary and Sweden and more.

Ambient, Dub & Downbeat Music

Being a great lover of downbeat music all his life, it was no big surprise when Mikkel decided to begin producing ambient and chill out.

Focusing as always on his own signature sound, he also tries to draw in all the inspirations he has gathered from every where around him to create something unique every time.

As of 2013 Mikkel is travelling around performing his chillout music along side his trance project, including bookings at the newly formed S.U.N. Festival in Hungary and the Danish psytrance festival Senpati.

Mikkel also produces music under other names such as; Mutalisk, Nanocell and MLR.



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